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Keep Commerce Local

Why Buy Local?

11 Great reasons to buy local 

How does It Boost the Economy

How does it affect our  Environment


Our sole purpose is to strengthen our community by providing you with a place to buy local, top quality fresh produce directly from the people who grew it. In doing this, we hope to give an opportunity to our local farmers, gardeners and crafts persons to promote their products. It will strengthen our local commerce by buying from your neighbors, as well as offer our families a healthier lifestyle.  Providing this forum helps farmers and families from local communities to deal directly with each other rather than through third parties, and to get to know and learn from one another. Interacting in this environment will teach children to preserve the integrity of our agricultural heritage. This will not only strengthen our community physically and mentally but spiritually as well. 

Promoting a healthy lifestyle  

Strengthening local commerce  

Allowing children to interact with environment 

Joining together with our communities  

Thus, preserving and celebrating the honest agricultural traditions of 

The East Tennessee valley.

Thanks Again, and God Bless
Jeff and Virginia Cannon
Dixie Lee Farmers Market
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